The Graphic Intention:

The intent is to create and design effective and efficient graphic design pieces to communicate a specific image, message or idea. I have created graphic design projects for magazines, videos, expositions, political campaigns, billboards, content creation, email marketing campaigns, Powerpoint presentations, clothing and much more.

Graphic design is very useful tool to utilize if you want to sell a product, relay a message to the public or persuade them to do something. With years of diverse graphic design experience, I can be an asset to any graphic design capacity and need. Graphic Design is the first step in branding your business and helping your business stand out from the rest.


Content Creation • Social Media Marketing

Branding Circular/Tabloid Design

Digital Marketing • Graphic Design

Logo Design • Web Design • Packaging & Label Design

Promotional Recruitment Advertising ​

Responsive Email Marketing​

Video Production/Editing​
• Motion Graphics